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Who You Are... What You Believe...
Your Conscious Decision to expend the time and resources necessary to purchase a Basic T-Shirt represents an Act of Nonviolent Free Expression.

Ideological Separatism...
Appreciation of Logical Consistent Thought is unpopular. Your Conscious Decision to Publicly Expose yourself to dangers inherent in any legitimate "Spiritual Movement" will eventually result in separation from attitudes and individuals preventing restoration of everything to which you are legally entitled.

Logical, Consistent Thought...
What you wear reveals many things. Your clothes are a reflection of your intellect. Demonstrate your appreciation of logical, consistent thought. Explore Your Options.

Option A. $45.00
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• Basic T-Shirt

Printed by Professional Printers.

Option B. $1,000,000
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• Order a Limited Edition, Hand-Ironed, Basic T-Shirt - Personally Printed by Dean De'Ville using Dean's PDF Download Technology System.®™
Only Twelve (12) will be produced and certified.

Each Limited Edition, Hand-Ironed,
Basic T-Shirt includes...

• Signed, Dated, Notarized Certificate of Authenticity
• One Complimentary Blessing

Price: $1,000,000.00

Makes A Great Gift.

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Purchase all Twelve (12) Limited Edition, Hand-Ironed, Basic T-Shirts and receive one 50% Off Coupon for a Basic T-Shirt - "Screen Printed Version".

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