New World Order!
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by Ambassador Dean De'Ville

Unfruitfully Ignorant
You, on the other hand, are "Unfruitfully Ignorant". Your traditional acceptance of everything... has rendered you useless to God. Look... friend, you're not a "Bad Person" because of the things you've done. You are a "Bad Person" 'cause you are "Human".

It's NOT your fault. But... it is your responsibility to "Cleanse Your Temple of Ignorance". Don't ever believe anything anyone tells you. Don't ever believe anything Dean De'Ville tells you.

Examine evidence yourself. You must determine what is true. You must make decisions based upon experience and wisdom. We've all been conditioned to believe things which are illogical.

You Are Sooooo Stupid!
Together, you will clearly demonstrate how truly ignorant you have become. Then, you will no longer worry about "The Cares Of This World". You and your family will be "Set Free". You don't need a "Church" or "Religion". You need God. But, to find God you'll need uh' "Guide". That's where Dean stumbles in, pal. Dean's uh' "Lonesome Drifter" on uh' mission. Wow!

You kin' "Tag Along"... if ya' want. But, please... don't touch Dean... Dean hates that. And... you'll need ta' stop dressin' like uh' Hillbilly ... it's depressin'! Thoughtfully, Dean has designed "Appropriate Attire" for "Slow-Witted Morons"... like you.

At Least You Can Look Smart...
ou may conceal your ignorance while demonstrating your intelligence by "Clothing Yourself in Wisdom". Be a part of making Dean De'Ville "Hillbilly Rich" by sending Dean all your money... and/or purchasing overpriced junk from your "Life Guide"... Ambassador Dean De'Ville!

Demonstrate your appreciation of "The Lost Art Of Independent Thought". Wear shirts designed by Dean De'Ville.

All profits are directed to the Dean De'Ville Church Buyin' Fund.

In Conclusion...
Changing your "Pathetic Life" is pointless. You ain't worth fixin'. What you need is uh' "Fresh Start". Learnin' Stuff can be fun... if the "Instructor" is entertainin'. You must come to the realization that most "Teachers" are dumber than you! How are you ever gonna' learn anything from someone who knows less than you, dummy?

Rather than attempting to "Re-Invent Yourself"... which means you're just another version of the idiot you have been conditioned to become... transform yourself into the individual God created you to be.

Ambassador Dean De'Ville

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