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Life Equation...
Your life is an equation only you can solve. The sum of your existence equals your reaction to circumstances designed to divide you against yourself.

Treating Symptoms...
Charities, Outreach Centers and Government Programs treat symptoms while feeding disease. Assistance toward Persistence in Subsistence is Cruel, Arrogant and UnGodly.

Perpetuating Poverty For Fun And Profit...
Absence is Poverty. Poverty is Ignorance. Ignorance is Slavery. Slavery is Theft.

Unjust Riches derived from exploiting Absence, Poverty, Ignorance, Slavery and Theft are Cursed.

Defining Goals...
With the invention of Perpetual Poverty came Prosperity Preachers proclaiming the Power of God while pretending opulence equates anointing.

Success attracts wealth. Failure attracts poverty. Identifying and defining terms is beneficial when defining purpose.

1. the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

Selfless, Selfishless Service...
An effective movement must promote, rather than project.

A "Promotion" might be described as "Promoting Motion".

"Projecting" might be described as casting an Illuminated Vision of a manufactured script against a Blank Canvas precariously perched atop a Pyramidical Easel.

Unique perspective is often misjudged. Trust, Fidelity and Honor are Precious Commodities when the Currency of Corruption yields unjust returns for Evil Investors. Consider an Eternal Investment. Your donation of $1,000,000 will enable Ambassador Dean De'Ville to establish an Ambassadorial Outreach Center or "Compound" in an affluent, picturesque community. Your Non-Refundable, No-Strings-Attached Love-Gift demonstrates a desire to affect change.

Strangling The Soul Of Inspiration...
Your Love Money will be used to Promote Excellence. Recognizing and Encouraging Potential, rather than attempting to Strangle The Soul Of Inspiration, denotes wisdom.

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