Wearable Art Washing Recommendations
• Would You Wash A Rembrandt?
As you know, Dean De'Ville believes you are responsible for your own ignorance. If you are foolish-enough to treat Great Works of Art like "Dirty Laundry", you are a degenerate and Dean don't want your business.

• Sophisticated Clientele...
If you are the type of individual who may be so loathsome as to consider exposing Dean's Artistic Works to Detergents, Unfiltered Municipal Water Systems, Folding, Bending, Mutilation and Extreme Heat sources such as Clothes Dryers and Electric Irons, Dean Don't want your business.

• Out Of The Conservative Closet!
DeanDeVille.com Wearable Works of Art are "Teaching Tools". Hang your DeanDeVille.com T-Shirts alongside your other works of Fine Art and see which piece draws the most attention. The unbeatable combination of Logical Thought, Satire and Confidence will make you appear intelligent! Come-Out Of The Conservative Closet"! Take a stand for Logical Thought... with your buddy... Dean De'Ville.

• Washing Recommendations
If you must wash your DeanDeVille.com Wearable Works of Art...
· Turn garment inside out.
· Wash garment separately from others (first time only).
· Machine wash cold; do not dry clean.
· Color-safe detergent.
· No chlorine bleach.
· Remove promptly from washer. Colors may bleed if left wet too long. If bleeding occurs, rewash immediately.
· Tumble dry low.
· Do not iron on the transferred image.
· If garment needs ironing, cover transferred image with ironing paper before ironing.

• Refund Policy - You Wear It or Wash It... You Own It!
If we screw-up... Dean will be happy to correct the error by admitting the mistake and sending you a replacement Shirt.

• Accepted Merchandise Returns
- We shipped the Wrong Image
- We shipped the Wrong Color
- We shipped the Wrong Size

Simply return the shirt in it's original condition and packaging with a note detailing the reason for the return.


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